Whatismu Interview


Whatismu interview and live performance. Featuring appearance from producer Lee Popa. Now on Podcast, click link above.



Born in 2012, COLD WAVES began as a memorial concert for fallen Chicago musician and sound man Jamie Duffy. The original event, a 14-band affair over a single night, served as a springboard to what is now a 2 day showcase at Metro. The effort made that first September evening to raise money for Jamie's family, has now grown into a fundraiser for Hope for the Day, a local suicide prevention charity.

Featuring original Skinny Puppy member Bill Leeb, FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY promises classic material from their Wax Trax! days, along with LEAD INTO GOLD, the iconic Paul Barker (Ministry, Revolting Cocks) project and their debut performance? Often credited with inventing the dark ambient genre and an original member of SPK, Brian Williams brings LUSTMORD to the Chicago stage for the first time. No less music royalty when regarding the Chicago stage, Chris Connelly's new project COCKSURE promises to revive the true spirit of all things Revolting along with festival organizer Jason Novak.


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Whatismu: After thirty successful years of teaching, recording and touring, guitar virtuoso Lorrie Kountz found herself searching for a personal challenge. Collaborating with guitarist Laura Jansons, they experimented with different instruments, sounds, and melodies and recorded their ideas in their home studio. They had developed a new hybrid of ‘Instrumental Guitar Fusion’, and called their project Whatismu. Their demo attracted immediate attention from music producers Lee Popa (Macy Gray, White Zombie, Living Colour, Ministry, Pigface, Lead Into Gold, etc.), and Jolee Popa (PinkSideOfTheMoon, Dark Sinatra’s, British Harlem, Dark Drive Clinic, The Trees), who proceeded to bring them to Portland and produce their album. “As the music evolves, expands, contracts and doesn’t let go, you will no doubt enjoy the experience”.