Lorrie Kountz is devoted to writing, recording, teaching, and performing music. She studied with world-renowned classical guitar teacher and performer Jack Cecchini, who mentored under Andres Segovia.

Being a virtuoso in both guitar and piano, she toured the United States, Canada and Mexico and has shared the stage with U2, Scorpions, Ramones, Cramps and New York Dolls to name a few. Lorrie has written and recorded ten Internationally distributed CD's/Vinyl with her projects Bitch, Surrendur Dorothi, Rash and Whatismu, highlighting several genres including Industrial, Rock and Punk.

Lorrie has appeared on television and radio specials including NBC, ABC, FOX, WGN and WTTW's 'Wild Chicago' feature. She has been highlighted in major publications such as Chicago Tribune, Chicago Sun Times, The Reader, Illinois Entertainer, and has been featured multiple times in Guitar Player Magazine.

Whatismu's "Rock-Doc", Laura Jansons is a multimedia aritst, composer, and rhythm guitarist.


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  • gp

    Guitar Player Magazine

    “Lorrie’s recordings include her onstage guitar solos and other showcases for a variety of flashy licks, fast picking, highly skilled whammy workouts and blues licks, all couched in a commercial rock context. An incredible talent!”
  • gp

    Guitar Player Magazine

    "The Talented Kountz pole-vaults between pop-metal normalcy and near-atonal craziness.”
  • dh

    Daily Herald

    “When the stage lights flash on there is no keeping guitarist Lorrie Kountz down-listeners are treated to a show that emits non-stop energy”
  • cst

    Chicago Sun Times

    “Kountz rips fiery leads on her guitar and has been a key player on the music scene for a decade"
  • ie

    Illinois Entertainer

    “Lorrie Kountz is a talented lead guitarist running wrangled string leads and what sounds like folding the neck on her guitar
  • ct

    Chicago Tribune

    “An incredible and very powerful performer!”